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Most Poisonous Houseplants You Need to Avoid

Among the things able to make your home cozier houseplants are probably the leaders. If you live in an urban apartment, indoor greenery helps you make your home closer to nature. Moreover, they can remove harmful pollutants and clean the air in your house. However, some popular home plants pose a threat to you, your children, and your pets, or can even kill you if ingested! What are they?



This houseplant is very popular and easy-to-grow but can be toxic to pets and people. Although in most cases it produces only mild side effects on humans, in rare situations (or if a child eats too much of this plant) ingesting philodendron can lead to death. Besides it's very toxic for cats and can cause swelling, pain, and seizures.


Philodendorn is a poisonous house plant


Pothos Ivy or Devil's Ivy is one of the best air purifiers among all houseplants, is very easy to propagate, and has leaves of very beautiful color. But it can be very dangerous if ingested in big quantities and can lead to skin irritation as well as vomiting and diarrhea in humans. If your cat or dog eats too much of Devil's Ivy it can suffer from similar symptoms or even have renal failure and die.


Pothos is a dangerous house plant


This houseplant of the philodendron family has beautiful heart-shaped leaves, is easy to care for, and is often given as a gift. However, if ingested by a human or a pet, it can lead to irritated skin and stomach upset.


Arrowhead is easy to care for but poisonous when ingested


This plant, although called the peace lily, is not a true lily in fact. Among all peace lily varieties 'Mauna Loa' is the most common houseplant. It has glossy leaves and beautiful white blossoms; besides, these flowers love shade, which makes them perfect for places with a lack of sunlight. If ingested by humans or animals, however, it can cause burning of mouth and tongue nausea and diarrhea.


Spathiphyllum is a good houseplant, but it can cause diarrhea when ingested

Choose domestic flowers more consciously, especially if you have pets or small kids, to make your home beautiful and safe!

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