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Indoor Activities for Toddlers

What a torture it may for an active toddler to stay indoors while it's pouring down with rain outside. Here's a list of indoor activities that will make you look forward to another rainy day!


Sugar cookies are not only extremely easy to bake; they give your toddler a nice chance to unlock his/her creativity by using various funny cookie cutters, sugar sprinkles, icing, etc. and yield a delicious dessert your little one can enjoy with a glass of milk!


Board Games

These are a perfect family entertainment (you will enjoy the game as much as you toddler does, no doubt about it!) and a way to teach your child a few important life lessons like waiting your turn, working in a team, following rules, counting, etc.


Toddlers love easy board games

Treasure Hunt

Hide a few objects (like candies or little toys) in your house. Draw a pirate map with Xs marking the secret spots or give your toddler oral clues and let him/her find the"treasures."


Hide treasures around your house and let your kid hunt for them


You probably remember yourself playing with this modeling clay as a child. Well, it's time to pass the baton to your little one! You can take a playset and follow the instructions on the box or use your imagination and create whatever your toddler finds interesting: flowers, food, fantastic animals, etc. Make sure you show your child how to mix colors and mold shapes too!


Toddlers enjoy modelling with play-doh

Arts and Crafts

There is a box of hidden handmade treasures in every house. The time has come to take yours out and give your toddler a chance to let his/her creativity loose! Cut out pictures from magazines, glue them onto cardboard, add more accessories from other magazines, add on details with crayons, glitter glue and anything else that will help your little one create his/her rainy day masterpiece!


Allow your kids to let their creativity loose!

You can use your arts and crafts supplies to make puppets out of paper bags. Help your toddles cut out details like eyes or ears and glue them onto the bag; add yarn hair or other details to decorate your bags as animals, cartoon characters or fantastic creatures. Put the bag onto your hands and let the game begin!

It's just a shortlist of ideas aimed at inspiring you to invent some activity of your own and turn a boring rainy day into a fun at-home day that you and your toddler will both enjoy! 

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