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How to Stay Warm during your Winter Travels in the USA

Don't be frustrated, as there are numerous places in the U.S. that are best to be visited in winter when the white landscapes are sure to take your breath away. But in order to enjoy skiing, skating or hiking in snow-covered forests you should learn a few tricks of surviving in cold weather.


First of all, check the weather forecast and - most importantly - learn the wind chill factor, because the air outside can sometimes feel much colder than it actually is due to this factor. Avoid wearing cotton clothes, especially if you are going to stay outside for a long time, as cotton traps sweat on your skin and makes you feel even colder. Choose something that is made of synthetic materials like polypropylene, as it can draw moisture away from your skin.


Remember to check the wind chill factor

Secondly, you have to consume more calories to give your body enough energy. What a great excuse, isn't it? But make sure you take a walking tour of all the sights or exercise a little to turn all the excess calories into warming energy. Another great piece of advice is to avoid cold foods and beverages - your plate, bowl or mug must always be steaming in winter! Cold is also dangerous because it dehydrates your body very quickly, so make sure you drink enough fluids.


Drink enough fluids and eat hot foods

Thirdly, wear several layers of clothing. The outmost layer must be made of some wind- and waterproof material like nylon. You can even choose special skiing outerwear; light as air, it will keep you warm without immobilizing. While enjoying some winter activity, you will be able to peel one layer off if you start feeling too warm.


Wear several layers of synthetic clothes in cold weather

If you prefer hiking or sightseeing to winter sports, wear a parka filled with down feathers or a combination of those and some synthetic fibers. Make sure you choose a jacket that does not only cover your torso but keeps the bottom part of your body warm as well. A surprising fact: if you forget to put on your hat, you will soon feel your toes freezing! So remember to wear a hat and gloves or, preferably, mittens, as these pieces of clothing help to improve your blood circulation. 

Follow these simple pieces of advice and enjoy your winter vacation even without a single sneeze or cough!                                                     

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