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How to Avoid Summer Dangers: 8 Easy Tips

Last week we tried to equip you with the most extensive collection of warnings against the dangers of summer. And we are pretty sure that none of them will make you deny yourself the pleasure of enjoying the beauty of nature and the warmth of weather to the full. This is why we decided to work out another list and provide you with tips for summer: they are easy to follow and will surely keep you out of harm’s way!

Avoid using beauty products the scents of which are sure to attract insects, i.e. hair sprays, perfumes, aroma soaps, etc. You’d also better keep away from places where insects are sure to gather, such as blooming trees, bushes, and flower beds, standing water, and uncovered foods. Or, rather, cover the foods when partying in the open.

To ward off insects, especially ticks and mosquitoes, which can carry Lime disease and West Nile virus respectively, make sure the bug spray you are going to use contains DEET. You can even use it on kids starting from the third month of their life; however, pediatricians recommend choosing repellents that contain 30% DEET or less.

Stay Hydrated

There is an important summer rule that – luckily - is easy to remember: drink water at least once in 20 minutes. This simple measure helps to prevent heat strokes and stress on hot days when the humidity is high. Moreover, if you are going to engage in a sports activity that is planned to last longer than an hour, water alone won’t do the job – you need to replenish electrolytes with the help of a special sports drink.

Safety First

When taking your kids to a playground, examine the equipment they are going to use. Look for rotten or worn out wooden parts, sharp chipped plastic details in order to avoid scratches or eye injuries. Make sure the slides and other surfaces have not heated up to become uncomfortable or even harmful. Remember: summer sun is so active that even the best of the newest materials can burn your child’s sensitive skin!

Your Bike and the Law

Brush on your local laws before heading on a family bike trip. Make sure your child’s age does not make it illegal to take him/her with you as a passenger (in some towns it is prohibited to ride a bike with passengers younger than one year old). And do not forget your helmets!

Browse through the web or drop by a local library to take a look at the pictures of poison oak and poison ivy and imprint them on your memory. There are also plants that do not burn your skin but cause poisoning if you consume them, so you will probably need to conduct a more detailed study of your local botany. Having photos of poisonous plants on you may also come in handy; you can download them into your smartphone or carry a little book with pictures, which is a far more sure option for those who travel far enough to get out of range.

Spread the Word Beforehand

If you decided to go on a big adventure, don’t keep it a secret. Tell someone reliable about your plans, well, just to be on the safe side.

Pack a first aid kit that must contain anti-itch gels, adhesive bandages, antibiotic ointment, emergency hydration, and electrolyte replacement packs or drinks.

When you see someone struggling to stay afloat in a pool or a lake, your first instinct will naturally drive you to rush to their rescue. But it may be really dangerous – they are sure panicking, and might even pull you down together with them. Throw a flotation device (preferably a Coast Guard approved one) to them or try to reach them with a pole.

To stay out of similar trouble, follow the simple safety rules:

Do not try to reach beyond the limits of your abilities

Choose lifeguarded pools, lakes, and beaches

Do not stick around and/or let anyone play near drains and suction fittings

Do let your kids compete in who can hold their breath the longest underwater.

When buying sunscreen for this summer, opt for broad-spectrum ones - they will protect you both from UVB and UVA rays. Do not forget to wear sunscreen even when the sky is deceptively cloudy. Wear a hat with a brim that is 3 or more inches wide and try to stay indoors or in the shade from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. when the UV sunrays are the strongest.

Use these easy tips to have a great, trouble-free summer!

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